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DAY 13 - New windows need glass

Day 13 was a special day for everyone because it was the day that the first child moved into the house that we had built.


Even though the house wasn't yet complete 14 year-old Umtabisi (below in blue jacket) wanted to move in to make sure that nothing more was stolen from the site over the weekend. He also said that the unfinished house was still a lot better than the tin hut he had been living in.


Because Umtabisi was going to be living in the house we wanted to make sure that he'd be as safe and comfortable as possible so we made sure that we fitted new window frames (this time drilling them in to make sure they were extra secure) and put the glass in.


We also started to backwash the house to prepare it to paint and finish after the weekend.


As we drove away at the end of the day many of us had tears in our eyes as we waved goodbye to Umtabisi. We had come to Africa to build a Home of Hope and our dream was beginning to come true. What a week it had been.

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