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DAY 18 - A Home of Hope

The new house was almost complete. On Day 18 we finished painting the house - inside and out - and finished tidying the surrounding area.


Though small by our standards, the new home could eventually house up to nine children and a carer.


To make it more comfortable for its new tenants we bought new kitchen furniture and laid lino on the floors. We ordered new beds for Umtabisi and his sister who also moved in on the day. They would both be joined by a carer the following week.


The electricity is to be connected over the next few weeks and the Government would ensure that the house was equipped with a standard long drop toilet. GGA will ensure that the children living in the new home are properly cared for and that the structure is maintained over the long-term.


For many of the group this was their last full day in South Africa as previous commitments back in the UK meant they had to leave. In just 18 days we had managed to complete our mission and a Home of Hope now stood because of the support we had received from our friends, family and those that wanted to make a difference.

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