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DAY 19 - Epilogue

On the final day the beds arrived. A small group of us went back to the house to set them up and hand over the house to Umtabisi.


On this day we also met the mother of Delani (in the red hat). A five year old local boy who had spent nearly everyday with us on the site while we were building the house. All the group grew to love Delani and although he couldn't speak a word of English we managed to communicate just fine.


Delani's family couldn't afford to send him to school so as a group we decided that we would use some of the money left over to make sure that he was able to go to school and get a decent chance at life. When we asked his mother if that would be ok she almost broke down in tears.


Well. That's the end of the update. Our trip had been an amazing adventure and we had achieved even more than we had dreamed. But none of this would have been possible without your support and the help of GGA. Thank you all so much!

Love Ania, Annie, Holly, Jane, Mary, Pete, Sadie, Sarah-Jane, Simon and Sophia xx

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